Breath-Based Diagnostics

The unique, mask-based, point-of-care test for COVID-19.

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RADx® NIH Funding Accelerates Development

DiagMetrics has been awarded Phase 1 funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx®) Tech program.

A woman views negative test results on her phone from a DiagMetrics test.

Simple, Accessible, Affordable Mask-Based COVID-19 Testing

The need for efficient and reliable testing solutions has never been more critical.  

DiagMetrics’ mask-based COVID-19 testing solution transforms the way we test for active and viral loads. Users of all abilities simply put on a mask, breath normally, and receive the results through an app or an audio signal.

Rapid Diagnostics in 3 Easy Steps

Simplify the diagnostics process and deliver results quickly in multiple ways, all without compromising on accuracy. 

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Place the package in the freezer for at least half an hour.

A vector illustration of a silhouette of a head wearing a mask. Text on the mask reads: "start".


Place the mask on your face, then press the Start button and breathe normally.

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Get Results

After 10 minutes, the built-in speaker will read your results aloud. 

Deploys from the Point of Care to Mass Testing Environments


  • Highly sensitive GaN biosensor 
  • Detects active infections and viral load 
  • Retrofits onto existing masks 
  • Direct transmission of results from the biosensor to smartphone within minutes 
  • No medical personnel or lab needed 
  • User-friendly for individuals with blindness, low vision, fine motor skill difficulties, or age-related disabilities


  • Accurate and reliable diagnostic results in minutes 
  • Non-invasive and comfortable testing experience 
  • Low-cost, convenient diagnostic solution for high-volume testing  
  • Makes rapid diagnostic tests accessible to all 

How is DiagMetrics’ Testing Solution Different?

The mask-based solution is a simple, low-cost, highly accurate diagnostic method that analyzes exhaled breath condensate, or EBC, to detect target molecules 

By donning the mask and breathing normally, the built-in proprietary biosensor detects proteins from viruses like COVID-19 in the EBC and sends the test results wirelessly or with an audible, making it accessible to large populations and people of varying capabilities. 

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DiagMetrics solution is currently under development through the NIH NBIB RADx Tech program.

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